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Hi Grade 5,

Atal tinkering Lab Assessment for students is designed to evaluate the knowledge of students from Grade 5 based on their last year’s learning. The lab will be teaching you how to program robots, create programs to be used in everyday systems like agriculture, biotechnology, biomedicine, artificial intelligence and various other field of your interest.

After you have enrolled in the Atal Tinkering Lab assessment for students and appeared in the test, you will be abled to see your result and the same shall be informed to your teachers/parents on the registered email address.

After the results are declared, students with 75% and above marks will be part of the robotics lab. This is to make sure that students with 100% interest in the science subjects are in the lab as well. There might be another test after this filtration based on the outcome for you.

Areas covered in the Robotics online lab-

  1. Introduction to ATL lab
  2. What is Tinkering?
  3. Features of ATL labs
  4. How do tinkering Lab works
  5. Basics of electronics
  6. Programming
  7. Microcontrollers
  8. Arduino
  9. Evive
  10. Advanced Prototyping kits
  11. Sensor & Signals
  12. Smartphone controlled bots
  13. Introduction to CAD

Hope you enjoy the test here and also have a fun time in the lab!

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